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Update:  February 16th, 2024  -     swap list updated
Collection key figures: 3017 different bags, 953 airlines, 159 nations

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               No. 1 to collection March 1984,                    No. 3000  Airline No 948  October 2023:

Dear Visitor !
Welcome to my homepage. Hope you have a great day.

This page was not created to inform you about myself,  but just for fun and a harmless passion:
It was mainly created for baggists to show my collection and enable contacts for information and swapping.

With about 300 bags I launched the web-site in 2009. The tremendous growth until now was enabled by
a lot of donations from relatives, friends, colleagues, fellow collectors and swaps even viz other collectibles.
Expressively sincere thanks for generously supporting my start up and further development to
Gerd Clemens, Gerhard Lang, Thorsten Hecht and late Dr. David Bradford.
Special sincere thanks to Siegfried Falk and Lu Lloyd for donating their complete collections to me.

How to get the idea to collect air sickness bags?
Air transportation is one of the real revolutions throughout the past 100 years, giving mankind fantastic new horizons and enabling globalization in its allover positive meaning and aspects.  
Airlines indeed are being founded, some are active for decades but plenty of them disappear after only a few years by being merged with or absorbed by another Airline or simply cease operations due from bankrupcy.
Very often the only remaining and memorabilia after even a short while is an  Air Sickness Bag.

Please enjoy a look into the pages, as well to the LINK pages: 
www.baghecht.de          www.airsicknessbags.de              Fulvio Dossena
    www.rato-kotztuete.de            Gilles Beger        David Shomper      
Petr Manda       Bruce Kelly        Steve Silberberg          www.bagstage.org     
           Federico Mandrile             Ed Sluimer                   Marc de Kort

In case you are interested in swapping, please send me a message. You find the complete chart of my collection under folder  COMPLETE CHART and swap opportunity under folder SWAP LIST.

EXTRAORDINARY - Virgin Atlantic Mega-Bag measures 82cmH x 44cmW:

July 2016 -  Exhibition in the display-windows of a pharmacy in Hamburg:

September 2015 -  BILD - Zeitung Hamburg:

March 2015  - KLÖNSCHNACK - World´s best local magazine of World´s most exicting city:

July 2011 - Pinneberger Zeitung:

To give you some impression about what you can use overdue copies of airsickness bags for,
please see main file "Others + Disclaimer" - click navigation column left.
Thanks to Leszek Szalapak, Siegfried Falk and Gerd Clemens for the following bags:

This photo shows the front of my stylish collection bin, nowadays in use only for copies anymore:
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